OmniSwitch 10K – Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MC-LAG)

Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MC-LAG)

Key points:
• MC-LAG provides active/active dual homed connectivity to standards based L2 edge devices. There is no support for standby ports.
• Internal automatic configuration will disable spanning tree functionality on MC-LAG aggregate ports.
• MC-LAG peers are seen as one aggregated group to dual homed edge device(s).
• MAC addresses learned on an MC-LAG aggregate in one of the multi-chassis peers are also learned on the other switch on the same MC-LAG aggregate.
• A loop or duplicate packet prevention mechanism is implemented so that non-unicast frames received on the Virtual Fabric Link are not flooded out any local MC-LAG ports
• MC-LAG aggregates can be configured using either static or dynamic link aggregation. The key point when configuring the aggregates is that from the edge switch’s point of view, it looks like the edge is connected to a single chassis.
• Brought to you by Alcatel-Lucent 😀

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How to restore default password on Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX

As your request my friends, I want to share about restoring the ‘root’ and ‘mtcl’ password to default on Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX if you have lost it.

A. For Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise (Media Gateway type):

1. From terminal console, Reboot OmniPCX into single user mode using Grub. at the boot prompt, hold on boot process and then press ‘e’ (without quote) to edit the kernel line from default boot configuration.
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Active Directory Recycle Bin

Accidental deletion of Active Directory Objects is common for users of AD DS and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS). Windows Server 2008 R2 provides a new feature for restoration of deleted objects, This feature called Active Directory Recycle Bin. Specific just to Windows Server 2008, now enables administrators to restore deleted objects with full functionality through a Tombstone within 180 days lifetime period and without restoring Active Directory data from backups, restarting AD DS, or rebooting domain controllers. That was interesting for me, just like raising corpses from graves, but this is an Object of Active Directory which has deleted not a zombies 😀

1. Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin Feature, disabled by default

– Raise Domain and Forest Function Level to Windows Server 2008 R2. Open Active Directory Domain and Trust with Administrator credentials.

– Click Raise DomainFunctionLevel to Windows Server 2008 R2.
– Do the same thing on Forest, Click Raise ForestFunctionLevel to Windows Server 2008 R2.

– Verify on the other domain controller already replicated if you have Active Directory Domain Controller Replication Services

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Gara-Gara Kartu Nama

Siang itu terjadi percakapan antara seseorang (sebut saja bunga, upss salah….sebut saja si bos,red) dan seorang engineer lusuh, kere bin gembel (baca: saya):

Si Bos: “Dikantor saya sudah make Firewall merk “C” dengan tipe “xxx” dan juga sudah diterapkan policy yang super duper ketat nya , Tapi tetap saja ditembusin orang terus! baik dari dalam maupun dari global internet” (hmm..ane jadi mikir ngeres gan!)

Si Bos: “Rencananya saya mau ganti dengan produk “F” yang saya dapat infonya feature nya bagus, kalau ditempat si mas provide gak yah untuk produk ini?”

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OSPF on Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router

OSPF Configuration:

A:R1# configure router ospf
A:R1>config>router>ospf# area
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area# interface “system”
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area>if# back
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area# interface “Interface-to-R2”
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area>if# back
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area# interface “Interface-to-R3”
A:R1>config>router>ospf>area>if# exit

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BGP on Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router

UPSTREAM Router AS Number: 54321
UPSTREAM Router IP Address for eBGP peering with SR1:
UPSTREAM Router IP Address for eBGP peering with SR1:
SR1-7750 AS Number: 12345
SR1-7750 IP Address for eBGP:
SR1-7750 IP Address for iBGP:
SR2-7750 AS Number: 12345
SR2-7750 IP Address for eBGP:
SR2-7750 IP Address for iBGP:

1. Create Autonomous System (AS) Number
A:SR1-7750# configure router autonomous-system 12345
A:SR2-7750# configure router autonomous-system 12345

2. Preparing the interface
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How to Install Asterisk-GUI

After I try to install asterisk on my previous writings, it seems so hard to configure with CLI. However i’m just a newbie…remember that. So, I’m trying to find an easy way to configure using ‘Asterisk-gui’. actually there are many third-party applications developed for asterisk, such as pbxware, asterisk now, freepbx, briker, etc. asterisk-gui is a web interface, it’s just like you have installing a trixbox on your own.

Here is step by step installation:
1. Go to your installation directory (for example: /usr/src), download the latest version:
[root@gembul ~]# cd /usr/src/
[root@gembul src]# svn checkout asterisk-gui

this is will create directory named asterisk-gui
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