How to enable 3g-modem on FortiGate

1. How to enable 3g-modem:
#config system modem
set status enable
set phone1 *99#
set extra-init1 “at+cgdcont=1,\”IP\”,\”\””

2. If modem ID needs to be added:
#fnsysctl cat /proc/bus/usb/devices        —– get the USB device ID

3. Sample configuration for custom 3g-modem:
#config system 3g-modem custom
set vendor “My Phone Company”
set model “my phone model”
set vendor-id “ff55″
set product-is “88aa”

4. How to enable 4G/LTE:
#config system global
set usb-lte enable

5. Tools for Troubleshooting:
#diagnose sys modem detect wireless
#diagnose sys modem external-modem



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