Pros & Cons on FortiOS 5.0


This is just appraisal based on my experience not an officially mention by Fortinet, Fortinet has improve their OS with many feature besides some of their features that were reduced on FortiOS 5.0

1. New console-interface with more contents and feature. And also more IPS signature and Antivirus database updates.

2. Add new features which I think some of them were great improvement on FortiOS 5.0 such as:
– Endpoint client control used for “BYOD”, which can control and monitoring endpoint device with firewall policies and antivirus using FortiClient

fg1 fg2
– Client reputation feature, gathering information from your network clients by tracking client behaviour and giving report on the activities that can determine are risky and detect spesific attacks

fg3 fg4
– Improve on Users/Devices authentication

– Improved CLI syntax with multi value fields
– Virtual Hardware Switch
– FortiExplorer for iOS

– ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) and explicit web proxy with web proxy debugging

– FortiOS web caching now caches Windows/MS-Office software updates
– New HA mode: Fortinet redundant UTM protocol (FRUP)
– New SSL VPN Improvements: SSL VPN user groups no longer required, Support SSL VPN push configuration of DNS suffix.
– FortiAP local bridging (Private Cloud-Managed AP). Which can provide WIFI access to a LAN even when the wireless controller is located remotely, WIFI Single Sign ON (SSO), Wireless client load balancing, and Bring your FortiGate box as WIFI controller.


3. Add new UTM features
– Improved list editing on security policy
– New Advanced Persistent Threat features including botnet protection, phising protection, and zero-day threat protection using FortiGuard Analytics for sandboxing

– Inspecting SIP over SSL/TLS (secure SIP)

– SSL Inspection was improved
– Adding new DoS anomaly protection
– New Sniffer mode: one-armed and normal

– New FortiGuard web filtering lookups: DNS-based Web Filtering which uses less CPU time, system memory, and network bandwidth than proxy or flow-based mode that can resulting in better performance

– FortiGuard auto-config using DHCP
– New Firewall Policy: Policy-based IPSec VPN security policy, Local-in policies, Packet capture by security policy, Multicast Policy
– UTM VOIP profiles

4. Log viewer and reporting improvements
– Fortigate UTM security analysis report

– FortiCloud integrated. Provide central logging and reporting on FortiCloud portal


5. IPv6 support improvements
– New features on IPv6: IPv6 Policy Route, IPv6 explicit web proxy, IPv6 NAT (NAT64, DNS64, and NAT66), DHCPv6 relay.
– New FortiGate IPv6 MIB fields

1. Some features was removed or replaced such as traditional DoS Policy, Syslog-server log and reporting feature,etc
2. Sometime show up HTTP error when click on console menus, may be this is bugs on FortiOS 5.0 hope that Fortinet fix this issue on the next patch
3. More features on configuration was hide and must activate using CLI such as log and reporting

4. Still explore….. 😀

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